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A is for Appa.

Hongbin – Appa (It hurts) (A is for Appa)

Love’s a beautiful thing, don’t’ ya think? It makes you all giddy and happy and smiley faces with unicorns, right? Right?

Well, at least that’s what Hongbin had always thought of love, that it was something, sweet, special, something that you could never replace.

And that was true.

But it wasn’t in this love.

He always fought with you; the two of you were always at each other’s throats.

You didn’t understand why though,

You two used to be so in love, so sweet, so caring, so loving, so affectionate; so considerate, so… so… so in love. But now?

Now; it all went to crap.

There was no love anymore.

Not cold nights wrapped in each other’s arms, whispering sweet nothings in to your ears, kissing each other ever so gently.

There was one of that anymore.

It was all just fights, both of you screaming horrible things at each other, throwing things at each other, locking the other out of the apartment – leaving them to crash either at the dorm or a friends place – there was just no love.

It was all, pain, it all hurt.

So on the night you two parted ways, you couldn’t help but say;


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Mainly because you're the only just vixx scenario blog that I'm able to find. ;o

Oh yeah, I’m the only VIXX biased blog here on Tumblr currently, which is a pitty they’re such a great group.

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I literally screamed with joy after finding your blog. Bless you. uwu

lol Why? And bless you too!!!!

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Still in Me


Still in me,

Based on a dream my friend (it is the dream exactly as it happened0, so the ‘you’ character is my friend and the friend in this dream is actually me.

“What are you reading?” You asked your friend noticing she was reading a book, which was black and it had pink bookmark on it. “It doesn’t have tittle,” She said, you raised an eyebrow at her, “Who wrote it?” You asked her, and she closed her book but placed her hand in it, marking the page she was on.

“I did,” She said, and looked back down to the book. “Wait, if you wrote then whys it published?” You asked her and she looked back at you, “It’s not published.” Then she looked back down at the book.

Your eyes went down to the bookmarker, how odd it was pink, she’s never liked pink before. You reached out to touch it, but she slapped your wrist away before you could. “Ow, Lex! What was that for?” You yelled. “You can’t touch it!” She yelled at you.

“Why?” You asked her. Lex let out a sigh, “Because only the chosen one can touch it,” You raised an eyebrow at her. “The chosen one? I’m not the chosen one, let me touch it.” You argued and Lex shook her head. “No only the chosen one can touch it ________.”

You stared at her wondering if she really was serious. “Fine touch it,” She told you noticing your stare, you raised an eyebrow. “I thought only the chosen one could touch it,” You said.

“Just touch them damn bookmarker!” She exclaimed, you let out a sigh and extended your hand to touch it, your fingertips brushed on it and it turned from a light pink to a dark shade of red.

You pulled your hand back, your eyes widening when you saw that it was as red as the bookmarker itself, you looked up at Lex and saw her staring at your hand and the bookmark.

“Whoa you are the chosen.” She said, and you looked at her your eyes wide in complete and utter shock. “What does that even mean?” You asked her,

“It means you have the power to control life and death,” She said her face completely serious. You stare at her your mouth agape, not understanding what she meant by that. “At least that’s what it says in this book.” She said going from serious to… well Lex.

“What do you mean by ‘at least that’s what it says in this damn book’?” You yelled at her. “You’re the chosen one, that’s what it says in this book at least,” Lex told you holding up the book. “And you’re the chosen one; you’re supposed to know what that means.” Lex told you. “Didn’t you say you wrote the stupid book?” You asked her, and she merely shrugged her lower lip pouting up, in a very her manner. “Your problem now,” She said standing up.

“See you later,” She called out to you walking away. “Hey! Dude! Come back here! You’ve got some explaining to do!” You yelled at her, and she just waved her dismissing you.

“That girl…” You muttered. “The chosen one? Hell, that girl really is crazy.” You mumbled, “Well, crazier then she already is.” You corrected yourself.

You looked up and your eyes widened a bit, seeing a boy dressed in all black standing in front of you. You smiled at him, and then looked back down to your lap. You looked back at the boy, and saw that he was gone, your eyebrows creased in confusion and you shook your head. “I’m the one going crazy,” You muttered.

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Show Me Love 2 - Ravi

Show Me Love – Ravi

You guys it’s been some time since I updated and I’m sorry I’ve said this before but I’m graduating from 9th grade and it’s totally kicking my ass right now, but there are only two weeks left after that I have summer and I should write a bit more, I promise y’all that. Anyways thank you TO ALL THE NEW FOLLOWERS THERE ARE A LOT OF YOU. WHERE DID YOU COME FROM? Y’all appeared out of nowhere!!!? I just logged on, and puff more people were following me! Thank you for that! Anyways, hope y’all enjoy some fluffy crud.



1.     When you see her at her worst
Tell her she’s beautiful

You groaned your head pounding as you heard knocking on your apartment repeatedly. You lifted yourself from you bed as you rubbed your sleepy eyes, your sleepy eyes which had bags under them. Your hands tangling through your hair, you patted your hair down and opened the door, only to see your loving boyfriend standing there.

Your eyes went slightly wide; “Hi, Oppa.” You said barely above a whisper, since you were surprise to see Ravi standing at your front door, with you looking horrible. Horrible. Absolutely horrible.

Ravi on the other seemed perfectly casual as he cupped both your checks and gave you a small peck on the lips, and he closed the door behind him. “Were you asleep before I got here?” Ravi asked you, and your hand shot up straight to your head patting down your hair; “Yes, how did you know?”

Ravi shook his head. “It’s not that, you just have that sleepy look in your eyes, you always get when you just woke up.” Ravi said,


“Oppa what are you doing here, so early?” You asked him when you back in to your room Ravi plopped down on your bed, while you sat down next to him. “What? I can’t visit my beautiful girlfriend when she’s sick?” Ravi asked you resting on his side as he leaned over you slightly.

Turning your head you sneezed, you turned your head back to face Ravi; “I’m not saying you can’t visit, I’m saying that you shouldn’t visit when I’m sick, because then you get sick and I’m not going to take care of you when you’re sick.” You told him, tapping his nose. “You can keep your germs to yourself.”

Ravi smiled and leaned over to kiss you, “Well I want your germs.” You giggled and kissed him again. “But I’m okay, Oppa, seriously I got over my cold already.” You told him. Ravi nodded, “Whatever you say.” He muttered.


“Are we lying in bed all day?” Ravi asked you, and you nodded. “I’m tired, I just wanna nap.” You mumbled playing with his fingers. Good I’m exhausted. Ravi thought.

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